Phoenix Learning Center

PHOENIX LEARNING CENTER (PLC) is a student choice alternative high school program serving students from 16 to 21 years of age. Recognizing that there are many pathways for a student to succeed, staff offer personalized learning options in a family-like setting. Small class sizes support an individualized focus, where students learn to be responsible for their own learning plan. Phoenix Learning Center instills confidence and reinforces gratitude and joy in daily life as students work to earn their diploma.

We partner with PLC as some of the educational issues include tumultuous life situations, financial issues, inability to be at home or have access to meals and hygiene items. Throughout the year we collect donations to deliver to the school so students can have food during their day or be able to take meals to their homes as well. The most requested items are: 

Ramen Noodle cups

Mac n Cheese cups

Single Ravioli cups

Single Serve shelf-stable meals

Cereal Cups or Individual packets

Cracker w/cheese or peanut butter

Fruit roll ups

Chocolate Granola bars

Full-sized shampoo & conditioner

Body wash


Feminine hygiene items

Toothbrushes & toothpaste


Hair ties

Donations can be brought to the church office any time.

Homeless Ministry

Buffalo Free Church staff encounters many folks experiencing homelessness in our community. We work together with our local Salvation Army caseworker as well as Love INC.  Some of the ways that we help is by having the ability to offer a hot shower and laundry services at the church. When supplies allow, we also offer Mobile Food Boxes which are packed by our volunteer team. Some of the foods that are useful are:

Saltine Crackers                                 Candy Treats

Nuts                                                      Beef Jerky/Sticks

Granola Bars                                       Dried fruit/Raisins

Breakfast Bars                                    Tuna Packets

Cereal                                                   Pop Tarts

Powdered Milk                                    Fruit Snacks

Canned Fruit                                       Juice Boxes

Canned veggies                                  Bottled Water

Canned meals                              

Peanut Butter

Pre-made cracker packs

Hygiene Items for both men & women

These can also be dropped off any time. If you do not like to shop but feel led to donate, we also utilize gift cards or cash. Our team loves to shop!

Thank you for helping us care for those in our community who are hurting.